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I want to show you how you can make money every blessed day in Nigeria and make at least N5,000 daily.

You will make cool money before weekend if you join this Business now.

You can even operate it part time and it is 100% risk free.
What do I need to Join This Program:

1. A Phone

2. A Bank Account

3. An Email Address

4. N2,000

Joining is very easy as well as making Money.

Please read the below documents thoroughly, And i will equally advice you to print it out in other to read it wherever you are.


Well, it is true, very legitimate and real. I was recently introduced to a program (Quick Smart Program) which can help you build a targeted email list of business people and at the same time empowers and guarantees to make you 1,000,000 in 60 days. Yes you heard me right... One Million Naira in 2 months! Here is the catch... You will need to invest a token N2, 000 and apply all the strategies outlined in Phase 2 of the program. Once you set it up, it becomes money making machine on auto-pilot that floods your bank account withavalanches of N1, 000s while you are relaxing with your friends and family.

This program was operated with the U.S Dollar and the participation is just $20, but because you will need a PayPal account which Nigerians do not have access to, it has been a little bit modified and instead of using the U.S Dollar, we are using the Naira. Well, when my upline administered it in the beginning of March 2006 in Nigeria with a start up fee of N2, 000 instead of $20... and boy he was glad he did. Check out below for his testimony:


The first week of participation was quite dull and full of questions from subscribers and by the third week I was blown away by my results. I made an incredible N43, 000 and I keep receiving several One thousand Naira bill in my Bank account, I believe in a little time from now, I will make that N1, 000,000 that the program promised. I was so excited by my results that I was practically telling everyone who knows me about the easiest way of making money from the internet here in Nigeria.

Adagbada Ebenezer, tooslar@yahoo.com


.............................. .............................. ... ......

Below are more testimonials from foreigners who have benefited from the program:


Thanks to this profitable opportunity. I was approached many times before but each time I passed on it. I'm so glad I finally joined just to see what one could expect in return for minimal effort and money required. To my astonishment, I received a total $37,920 in 7 weeks with money still coming in.

A Hedland, Fort Lee,

New Jersey.


This program has been around for a while but I never believed in it. But one day when I received this again in the mail, I decided to gamble my $20 on it. I followed the simple

instructions and Walaa... 2 weeks later, the money started coming in. The first month, I only made $580 but the next 2

months after that, I made a total of $42,890.. So far, in the

past 6 months by re-entering the program, I have made over

$102,000 and I'm playing it again. The key to success with this program is to follow the simple steps and NOT change anything.

Steven Caprio, Ontario,


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Are you excited? Let me tell you more about the Quick Smart


• It requires no Product or Website

• You do not need to bother yourself about telling people.

• Once set up, people will come to you to register, not you going to people.

• It is 100% Legal and backed up by U.S Service Codes If you want to join my email list of people who are going to make a killing using this program, there is no better time to join than Today because I'm among the VERY first Nigerians to run this in Nigeria.

If you join today, there is the entire guarantee that you will hit it big in a little while from today.

Attached at the end of this message is Phase 1. Take your time to read it. Once you have acquainted yourself with PHASE 1, then you can get PHASE 2 by registering with N2, 000. PHASE 2 will teach you how to automate the program to start attracting people who will register from you instantly.

I welcome any questions regarding this program. To Your Online Success





First take the time to save PHASE1

Dear friend you have nothing to lose. The program is highly

risk-free in the sense that once you join, we all become

partners in progress. Here is the PHASE 1 of the program.

Please read through the program below:

Quick Smart - The Most Successful Program On The Web!


This program is designed to make money via internet quickly and honestly. It is quite new, yet already proven to be mosteffective. It is truly exciting, with many people now using it, and with so many more still to see it. This program is very powerful - a real money generator on the web! No other program comes close when you need money quickly and honestly.

You are guaranteed financial success with this opportunity

because of the method used to confirm the honesty of each

participant. However, when most of us first look at this

program, we may think it's just another get rich quick scheme.

But it isn't- by reading the details; you will see that it is

quite different. And only about a week after starting, money

will start rolling in quickly! According to US Postal Service

Lottery Codes: Title 18, section 1302 and 1341 state that this

service is legal because we are building a mailing list. The

postal service has a phone number where you are able to call

and verify this. 1-800-725-2161 This is a FAIL-SAFE money

making program where all cash receipts are verifiable in

advance, because every participant is held accountable, every

participant gets paid well, every participant is sure that

nobody can cheat. That is why I choose to participate. I invite

you to do likewise.

Being fail-safe and cheat-proof, what have we got to lose? The

power of the internet is here to be used. More and more people

are using this program to create a substantial income quickly.

Expect to earn up to N1, 000,000 in the next 60 days.

We all know that internet money programs can really work, but most us have major concerns about them because:

1. They are too complex, often requiring large investments.

2. They require real internet marketing experience.

3. There is usually no way of monitoring returns.

4. There is no way of eliminating cheaters.

This program solves all of these concerns! It is 100% certain that everyone will get paid for joining. This is because we require accountable e-mail addresses for all participants. The total cost to you is two N1, 000 Bills. (Not a lot, no matter your present financial position) BUT YOU SPEND NOTHING AT ALL UNTIL YOU GAIN e-mail confirmation that the sender of this letter has paid.

The fail-safe mechanism controls the program, so it's impossible for anyone to cheat. This way nobody gets hurt and everyone gets paid. All participants make the money they deserve for their efforts. Read on and you will see why.

The method of accountability used keeps everyone honest. We all get our money by building an easy and valuable MAILING LIST.

Too many programs before this one have no fail-safe mechanism for protecting the honest participants from those who put their names on a list without sending any money. That is what causes such programs to ultimately fail.


If you decide to participate, you will be required to send

N1,000 to just two of the people on the list shown below, with

an email asking them to add your name to their mailing list and

send you a copy of, "PHASE 2" More about that shortly.

Please take time to save this letter in your Mail Notepad or drafts so that you can edit the prescribed areas later if you decide to join. Once you finish reading check the honesty of me that I have paid my N2, 000.

The very first step is to e-mail the two people in the position #1 and #2 from the current accountability list below, and ask them if they have received their N1, 000 from me.This is what MAKES CERTAIN the success of this program. You will not send money to me until you KNOW that I have paid the people in position 1 and 2.




Account No: 02650520144609

Phone: 07035446654

Email: jerryasemota@ymail.com




Account No: 014200000806

Phone; 08033666853

Email: solution4sucess@yahoo.com

The above are the two people I sent my N2, 000 to. After paying them, I sent them an e-mail to add me to their mailing list.

After you have verified that I'm genuine and decide to participate, Go to the Bank of the person in position #3 (me), pay N1,000 Bill, send details of payment to my email address, such as Name, receipt number, date of payment, Branch of payment, Your email address and phone number, then include a note in the e-mail that reads:

"Please add my name to your Mailing List and rush

Phase 2 to me"

NOTE: Only the person in Position #3 supplies Phase 2, NEVER any other person.




Account No: 5029803051590

Phone: 08088241691

Email: johnnwokpe@yahoo.com

Next, Go to the Bank of the person in position #4, pay N1,000 Bill, send details of payment to his email address, such as

Name, receipt number, date of payment, Branch of payment, Your email address and phone number, then include a note in the e-mail that reads: "Please add my name to your Mailing List".




Account No: 0101110004840

Phone: 08023184002

Email: ajunamd@yahoo.com

If you do not have a bank account and you want to participate,

you may consider putting your home address or Post Office Box

address in Position #3 and ask people to send your N1, 000 Bill

through NIPOST (regular snail mail) after carefully wrapping it

in a letter and inserting it in a BROWN envelope.


FIRST: Move the person currently in POSITION #4 to POSITION #2.

Be sure all information is copied correctly and completely.

(The person originally in POSITION #2 is now dropped from the

list, and has made their N1, 000,000)

SECOND: Move the person in POSITION #1 to POSITION #4 with all correct information.

THIRD: Move the person in POSITION #3 to POSITION #1 with all correct information.

FINALLY: Enter your name, complete bank details or home address if you don't have a bank account, and e-mail address in

POSITION #3. Please also provide your name and e-mail address

at the end of this letter. Remember, you only send the N1, 000

Bill to the names in position #3 AND #4 on this letter.


NOTE: When typing your email address, please remember to be

accurate. Double check! Once you start, there are two simple

things you must do to make this work for maximum return in 2


BE PATIENT at the start! It takes easily a week or so to really

get up and going, and to start receiving lots of money in your

Bank account or letter box.

BUT THEY WILL COME! This is the internet!

YOU WILL DEFINITELY MAKE A LARGE SUM OF MONEY WITHIN A FEW WEEKS, and you will also have a mailing list service to use yourself to further enrich you.

THIS PROGRAM IS DESIGNED TO MAKE MONEY FAST! It is very inexpensive to participate in, just compare it to the value of lottery tickets - where making money is next to impossible. Think of the power of the program running internationally.


You may already feel that this program is not what you thought

at first, but still remain doubtful or a little unclear about

whether or not to have a go. Unlike so many other programs you

do not send money to four or five people for reports, recipes

or disks or any other product. Nor do you risk losing your time and money.

This program is less demanding and does not take advantage of

the Novice online marketer. Effectively, we all become a team -

we know that we must follow the rules, and that our team work

that we all win.

This program has been set up so that you will succeed. If you

do exactly as described, then you will succeed in this

business. To compare this with the many uncontrolled programs:

First of all, this program has only four controlled levels -

not five, six, seven or more uncontrolled levels like other


When you first send this program out, you will soon get 20 - 25

people who will send you N1, 000 to join the mailing list and

to commence their Phase 2. They will do this only after they

confirm that you have paid your N2, 000.

To account for curiosity seekers, and people who don't

recognize the opportunity (not you of course!), let's say that

only 10 people then actually pursue the program provided. These

10 people then put your name in the accountability list

position #1, and their respondents will be asking you if they

paid their N1, 000 Naira. Their active participants will then

move your name to position #4, WHERE YOU WILL BE RECIEVING N1,000 Notes from 10 x 10 x 10 people. That's a total of 1,000 people. 1000 x N1, 000 = N1, 000,000. (One million naira)

You may think that it will be difficult to attain this; the

Strategies outlined in Phase 2 will make it easier for you to

EASILY GET 20 - 50 people in less than one week, WITHOUT YOU MEETING OR TALKING TO THESE PEOPLE. At the same time, you will only spend about 2 hours of work setting it up, after that people will come to you to get registered and pay you, not you going to people. No other program comes this close in EASILY MAKING YOU A MILLION NAIRA IN 60 DAYS!

Once set up, it now runs on Auto-Pilot pouring in Avalanches of

N1, 000s into your Bank account daily. All you do is spend ONLY

30 minutes daily replying people online that you have been paid

several N1,000s. Because this is done on the internet, it moves

very quickly.

Therefore, you only need 10 ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS who actually promote this program to reach your target. The information in Phase 2 gives you Sure-Fire Strategies to get 20-50 people in a week's time. Think of what will happen if 20 of these people becomes active to the 3rd level, it can give you an easy

N8,000,000 in 60 days, but to be conservative, our target is

N1,000,000 in 60 days! Once you receive your N1, 000 from

people, make sure you send out PHASE 2 to them. At this point,

all you will have to do will be to answer the e-mails saying,

"YES, I have been paid"

NOTE: Be sure to keep a record of those who have paid and added to your mailing list, and respond very quickly to verifications

requests. I will suggest you keep a record of everyone who has

paid in different folders in your mail Notepad.

The first will be those who have asked you for PHASE 2 and to

be added to your mailing list (your direct down line), and the

second will be those who have just asked to be added to your

mailing list. When you have been asked to verify somebody, just

go to the folder in your mail notepad and scroll down after

opening it to search for that person's name.

Remember that you may send this program to people who send you similar programs. Many such people are keen and active users of opportunities sent to them, and this one is safe, fast and

simple. It will not appeal to cheats, yet be great for anyone

looking for a VERY low cost fun investment.


FIRST: Save the whole of this letter as PHASE 1, somewhere in

your e-mail box, where you can edit the changes. (Names,

Addresses, Bank info, E-Mail addresses and Positions).

SECOND: Get two N1, 000 Bill/note and Rush to pay People in

Positions #3 and #4 respectively (N1, 000 each) with an e-mail request to join their mailing list. NOTE: That cost is your only financial risk.

THIRD: Update the names on the list carefully, as detailed

above. YOUR Name, Home address or Bank details and E-Mail

address names in at POSITION #3 (where mine is now). You then wait for PHASE 2 to arrive in your e-mail box from me. This

will be sent the same day that i confirm that you have actually


FIRST: Your name starts at position #3 in Phase 1 - to all of

the people who gets your business opportunity. PHASE 2 will

help you to easily reach your target of 20 - 30 people in one


SECOND: You will email PHASE 2 out to each person who has sent you N1, 000. You will be instructing your respondents to place your name in POSITION #1. You will then begin receiving

inquiries from others asking if you have been paid your N1,

000. You will be keeping track of all those who you have been

paid by. You won't be receiving much at this stage (just the

N1, 000 you received from each person in Phase 1, which will be

from N10, 000 - N25, 000 or so).

THIRD: Those people who have just enquired as to whether

payment was made to you will be getting another 10 or more

people to participate, and your name will then be in POSITION

#4. This is when you will receive the BIG MONEY!

LAST: Your name will be in position #2, where you will again be

receiving enquiries, and you will be likely to answer at this

point YES, I'M N1,000,000 RICHER. Many will then participate

and make money also. Participation is all that we require for

success. Isn't this a brilliant Business? We really have the

best, because we have created a fool-proof and cheat-proof

system where everybody has accountability.

Your small investment of two N1, 000 Bills will reward you with

N1, 000,000 or more! Once again please email me if you have any

questions. None of us are able to go back for a new beginning.

But, we learn and grow, so all of us are able to make a new

start. Just do it! Good fortune to all of you who participated

- and have fun! Once you have decided that you are going to

make N1, 000,000 in the next 60 days, you have checked the

accountability of me, and have paid your N2, 000; you will be

ready to start preparing for Phase 2. Do you see how easy it is

for you to make your first N1, 000,000 in 60 days? If you don't

think it is easy, or don't completely understand it, then read

over until you do.

If you still want some help, then don't hesitate in sending me

an e-mail. Do NOT leave it. Your Financial Future depends on



Wishing you all the best and here is to success on the web

John Eze Nwokpe